about the lake

Hadsund put & take

Hadsund Put & Take is a nature-filled fishing park with more than 10.000 m² of fishing water and 10.000 m² surrounding forest/nature. The lake is situated in beautiful surroundings with a short distance to both Hadsund and Visborg. Fish of the size 1 kg — 10 kg. are regularly released directly from our supplier in Lundby. The releases are usually a mixture of rainbow trout, gold trout, brook trout, spring trout and ladder.


Hadsund Put & Take has previously been used for the extraction of clay, which has been an integral part of the production of bricks at the old brickworks factory next to the lake. Today, however, the story is another and the lake is run as the pure Put & Take Fish Park. The natural surroundings form the setting for small oases and fishing grounds around the lake, which gives an idyllic and cosy atmosphere.


Hadsund Put & Take is equipped with toilet, living shed, cleaning area, water pump, tables/benches, trash cans and barbecues. In addition, the fishing park offers a handicap-friendly area for people with disabilities and wheelchair users, where visitors can drive the car down to the fishing ground (by appointment).
The fishing park is open for night fishing and overnight guests (by appointment).


Hadsund Put & Take offers 10.000 m² of fish water and 10,000 surrounding nature.

It varies a lot according to the season, but there are regularly exposing so that there is life in the lake.

We postpone between 200 kg and 500 kg per release.

Rainbow trout, gold trout, brook trout, spring trout and tiger trout.

Yes, it is possible to spend the night at the lake (bring yourself a tent).

Night fishing is allowed — nreak a leg.

The size of the lake makes it ideal for both large and small events. We are happy to have birthdays, company tours, team building etc. Call me and get a great deal.